It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: My Adventures in Life and Food - Moira Hodgson
This lady has had an eventful life, and at first I romantic..foreign travel, boarding school (my childhood fantasy, thanks to Enid Blyton), writing, good food, and famous people..she met Paul Bowles ,for pete's sake..! And then I felt deflated at how easily she got various jobs with newspapers and magazines. I felt slightly aggrieved at how some people seem to be born into the right places, move in the right circles etc,so that they have all these wonderful experiences. I guess the truth of the matter is somewhere in between. While accidents of birth can influence a person's path, there must also be a lot of other less romantic stuff in a life that doesn't make it into a memoir..for every blase 'I got a job ..' there must be a fair bit of blood ,sweat and least I hope so, just to make it fair..!!