The Instructions - Adam Levin
sorry to say it, but after wading through over 400 pages of this book I gave up..a whole section about a game called slapslap finally did me in..(I got the point of it in context, but found myself flipping through the pages waiting for something to happen and for me that's not a good sign.
I didn't like the 'voice' of the main character as it was far too old-another reviewer here made the point that if you don't manage to suspend disbelief on this you'll be in trouble, and I agree.
My other issue was that I know nothing of Judaism, yiddish or hebrew and found I had a distracting sense of missing something especially when theology was being discussed.I kept wondering how it would read to someone who actually knows about these things..
My only sadness is that I didn't realise this sooner..not for me, this book, but then we can't all like the same things..