Night Waking - Sarah Moss
I bought this as a 99p Amazon deal of the day, knowing nothing about it..and was immediately hooked into this story of a pair of academics and their two children living on a remote scottish island. Dad is an ecologist studying birds, while signally failing to notice the distress of his equally intelligent wife, an oxford research Fellow , as she struggles to work on her book while managing the children without much help from him. I really identified with the wife, Anna..I once had dreams of 'the life of the mind' she realises motherhood is not something she finds fulfillment in, but at the same time I couldn't help thinking that the children were a bit neglected by both parents. I felt that two supposedly intelligent people ought to have realised beforehand that their domestic set-up wasn't going to work..
The story interweaves the history of crofters on the island... a baby's skeleton is unearthed in the garden of their home, leading to Anna becoming obsessed with finding out where it came from..and the historical aspects of the book were equally interesting to me.
I enjoyed this work, while feeling slightly guilty that my own child, like those in the story, probably hears me say 'wait a minute, I'm reading..' a bit too often..!!