What I Did - Christopher George
I could not put this down..I was so desperate to see what would be the outcome of official intervention in this family after their child runs into the road and is subsequently smacked by his angry and incredibly scared father, an event witnessed by a passer-by and reported to the authorities.I watched sadly as innocent remarks made by the child unwittingly lead to a rapid chain of events, not helped by the father's disinclination to co-operate with the system .
I have ,unfortunately, some personal experience upon which to draw in rating this novel..and I can say that I recognised only too well the various reactions of all the grown ups, both personal and professional.
The story is told from the point of view of the six year old boy involved, and the writer does well to keep it realistic while imparting enough information to let our adult experience of life fill in the blanks about what the grown-ups are discussing...